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Booster's Testimonials

I bought your product to send a picture to my boyfriend, who was then in Basic Training for the Navy. He was terribly home sick and at the time didn't have any pictures of me with him. I looked on your web site and got the idea to write a message to him on my car, take a picture and send it to him. He got the picture and said it was a very sweet idea. Your product was a great way for me to cheer him up and keep him going, he's now out of basic training but still loves the picture. The military never promised him a bed of roses, but you guys at least got him to smile!

To Boosters Inc: A few weeks ago we had a real problem, someone stole our High School Mascot uniform. It was the week of Thanksgiving, in fact it was Wednesday. We were in the playoffs, at Heinze field. That following Monday we were scheduled to have a photo shoot done for a Mascot Challenge through the big 33, in Pennsylvania. I called your company and asked how fast we could get one. She worked so hard for me in trying to help. Although we did not have it for the playoffs, she did get it out to me by Tuesday the following week. Because of that, I was able to have her photos done and to the Big 33 on time. Many thanks to your company. Sincerely, Michelle Long Rochester Area Cheer Coach